#iMOVE with my Kids

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Training with kids

We totally understand that not everyone is a full time sport-specialist.

We know very well it takes time and whole lot of motivation to start moving. It does take a while to improve our health and stamina.

That’s why it’s good starting our training with children and gradually make it more difficult and demanding. It is very important though to set cetrain goals, that we’d like to achieve in our training routine.

Let’s start little by little. Children are often very competetive and surely will be great motivator for ourselves too. It’s never too late to introduce them to world of movement, sport and wellbeing. We should take a great advantage of their determination and get “infected” by it as well.

So does your child like to play football? Great! Take that opportunity and go to park together. Sport performed outdoors is a great introduction of healthy…

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Superjuice – Pomegranate, taadaa! :)

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This is one very interesting story. Once, this terrific fruit was unavailable in your local grocery. Today can be found nearly in any store. Thank God for that!

As you may, or may not know, Pomegranate is a superfruit and what comes from superfruit? Superjuice of course!

Drinking juice of this exotic fruit is one of the ways to enjoy it’s rainbow of health benefits.

Briefly saying, in Pomegranate we can find:

  • an array of vitamins
  • antioxidants

It has also been proven that it helps with blood pressure disfunctions and can even protect against certain kinds of cancer. Pomegranate juice supports our cardiovascular, fights erectile dysfunction and prevents inflamations.


Well, as we’ve already learned, pomegranate juice can indirectly help the ladies by, that’s right–fighting erectile dysfunction. Seriously, though, pomegranate juice holds numerous health benefits specific to women.

Pomegranate juice can benefit pregnant women. It’s a rich…

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Vegetable korma with homemade chapattis

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For the chapattis
For the vegetable korma
To serve

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So this is how I live…



I just stole it from Facebook wall of a friend of mine – he’s a musician. You can find his page HERE

As soon as I saw this picture I thought “OMG this is sooooo me!”.

The truth is, creative minds are a little bit messy. So call all around messy. We simply are so busy being creative, that we tend to forget about basic things. Being clean and hygienic is a matter of how we were brought up, so kind of different department.

My house for example, is a total mixture of dynamics and attitudes. Mr Price for this instance, is a very organized fellow. He’s got everything planned, up and running and always, always everything must  go along the plan :)

So… I let him ^_^ I’m always the free spirit, going with the flow, enjoying the moment and catching the most of life can give me. 

Thanks GOD! I’ve got Mr Right to do most of the right thinking for me :)


Crazy crazy crazy

Hello every1

Haven’t been here for quite a long time. The reason for that is simples – I was freakingishly busy!

As you already know I’ve been making hand painted shoes for children and adults. So I must say – it hit off!

I am very happy to say it went to the stage, that I was able to create Dofashion Creative Studio

All thanks to you and your appreciacion.

I can’t express enough, how happy I am and all I should say is BIG BIG THANK YOU!!!

This is madness, this is crazy :)

Love you all xxx


P.S. Take a look at my recent work :)


Bloggers for Charity

Dearly beloved,

In these tough days we shouldn’t only think of ourselves.

Therefore, in common action towards raising funds, Miss Banx and I have joined our “blogger power” to do something worthy. We would love you to be the part of it too.

If not you, our dear readers, visitors, followers … Friends, we wouldn’t be here right where we are.

We shall be raising funds for Jeans For Genes Day – which is happening on 20th of September. We have prepared a surprise for you, that shall be revealed soon.


Please share the word and stay with us for more details!